Your tax-deductible gift to MSS supports missions wordwide!

MSS's Vision:  Our goal is to keep our overhead low (well below non-profit sector norms) while providing excellent services and support to our missionary partners.  In this manner, MSS strives to send the greatest percentage possible of the donations received into the mission field, to be at work spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  At the same time, God has given us a vision to grow our partner base to serve a vast number of missionaries.  

A Challenging Environment:  It's tough in the mission field!  Often, missionaries are far away from family, friends, and their home church community (their normal support system).   Missionaries frequently have challenges with living arrangements, weather, supplies, political obstacles, health issues, travel, finances, electricity and normal communications channels (internet, phone, mail).  Being a missionary is like running a small business (raising support and awareness, regular communications, accounting and reporting, etc), with a lack of necessary infrastructure, amidst a turbulent spiritual environment, with a primary calling that may not include "business functions."

You Can Help!  This is the chief purpose for MSS, but we need your help!  Along with prayer and service, your financial support is needed greatly, and much appreciated.  Your tax deductible gifts to MSS assist us in building our infrastructure, keeping our administrative costs low, and fulfilling the vision God has given us.  We will do all we can to enable the missions work of our partners and make their jobs easier.  To God be the glory!